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Finishing School

ladyknits and I hatched a plan last week to start fresh in the new year. We decided it would be cathartic to finish up those lingering projects that prey upon our consciences. She is already making mad progress of course, while I am plodding along. The projects in question for me are:

  • Silky Wool Birch! I have 20 repeats or so left on the needles, but it is moving along with pleasing progress. I am grateful anew that the project starts with 299 sts and ends with only 3. If it was the other way around I think I would be gibbering.
  • The Boring Grey Sock! Almost at the toe. I am not expecting myself to get the second done, but it would be nice to have those needles freed up at least.
  • The Trekking Sock! Again, almost at the toe. I stopped because it doesn't fit me, but since it fits Dee, we are enacting a swap. Therefore I only have to finish the one sock. We may be on to something here.
  • York! I have two sleeves to go. And some seaming, and zippers. *Ahem*

Hmm... What am I doing blogging? MUST KNIT FASTER!

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