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Ride a painted pony...

I am blogging on a delay, about a day or two, but at least that gives me time to download and tweak pictures*.

I finished spinning the BFL right after I posted about it, and after it dried I plied!

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I love the bird's nest that is the skein fresh off the chair back. After a good soak and a night on the chair legs, the skein looks much more happy and relaxed.

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That's a dime for reference. This turned out a little thicker than I had expected. I had read in Spinoff that plying adds more volume than the sum of the singles combined, but I only believe it now! It is a DKish weight, and there ended up being 133 yards. Enough for me to have a little fun! I am excited to actually knit with my handspun, but I need to mull over some projects. And it really poofed out after plying, in a nice way, releasing some of the excess twist.

Since my spindle was now free, I did a little spinning on the weekend, and dove right into my last roving: a Fleece Artist Wensleydale sliver in harvest colours. It is not fuzzy, the hairs (staple) are very long, but not especially clingy like the BFL.

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I thought it would be really hard to spin, but it was nice and slippery like merino, but with the much longer hair length, it was much easier to draft a nice long piece. Adding on new fuzz is interesting. Since the BFL plied turned out thicker than its parts combined, I aimed for a very thin tight single that would hold up for socks. Just for kicks :)

Here is a whack of singles spun the first day. I love how the hairs curl out when you look close.

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I love this even more than I loved the BFL... I don't think I will ever get tired of these colours! So deep and bright and delicious. Since it is turning out so well, I might be convinced to buy another hank at Romni today wtih Gen.

Problem with this yarn is that I would like to navajo-ply it, but judging from the instructions, it might be insane to try and navajo ply on the spindle. Looks like an awful lot going on, there. Maybe this is the weekend to find out whether or not Aunt Ruth Anne's wheel works?

*only for size and shape of course... the default pics on our camera are 23 inches wide!
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