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Mmmm! Tastes like Science!

Because I know the pain of graduate students...

This dude is measuring the speed of memes on the internet.  All you have to do to help him (and prove the power of the knitblogger) is to link to his page in your blog asking your readers to do the same, then Ping technorati.  Whatever that might mean.  Annnnnd!  Then you will be part of data presented to the MLA conference, which is cool in itself, even if you do hate those silly formatting rules.  The wonder of Classics was that we didn't have to use MLA, or Turabian or even Chicago for that matter...  I made up my own style that was part Chicago, part what-I-saw-in-really-old-journals.  But I may have digressed.

There are other things to post, but not at this moment, as I have not downloaded my camera, and have only had one cuppa tea.

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