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Oh, I guess it has been awhile.  So much for turning over a new leaf.

Haven't gotten a huge amount of knitting done this week, been cleaning instead.  The cat after whom my blog is named seems to alocate a great deal of his kibble consumption to hair production and leaves little decoy-Phloxes around the apartment.  Cleaning properly involves moving everything to vacuum behind in order to prevent further drifting :)  The downside of hardwood, I suppose, and yet now that I see the amount of hair Phlox leaves behind, I marvel at the state in which the carpets at our old place must have been.  The upside is that by Friday this place will be as allergy-friendly as it is possible for my home to be!

Really, it is a good thing that visitors come.  Otherwise I would be content to live in squalor.

My shoddy housekeeping aside, I did manage to finish Odessa!

Molly thinks the colour is 'her', but unfortunately for her, it is intended for someone else.

The only other thing I have managed to churn out is this:

I've been on a mini kick lately.  Mini-socks, mini-cupcakes... 

Other than that, I am working on the sock that never ever ever ends.  Think Second Sock Syndrome is bad?  Try knitting the second sock the night before Christmas, madly grafting and wrapping, only to find out that you knit it on smaller needles than the first, and as a result it DOESN'T FIT!  I am now knitting this second sock a second time.  And the last time.  At least I am not knitting eight identical socks.  Small blessings.

A plus side on the endless Christmas knitting is that I am filled with previously unknown anticipation of projects for ME!  I guess a little will-powered deprivation is just what the doctor ordered.  Before that, though, I have a non-yarny project to turn my hands to...
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